Who We Are


Wokk was created by a son and father duo. The story began when a son was craving for some Asian food, but he did not want the typical Chinese and other Asian fare that his dad always dished up. He wanted something new, yet traditional. So he set out to find that perfect balance where he was able to share his traditional Chinese fares and introduce a modern American twist to the food that you see at your local Asian eatery.With the combination of the son idea's and his father's 30+ years experience of being a chef, they set out to deliver something different.

 WOKK’s Commitments to our FRIENDS

At Wokk we set out to do our customer right by always locally sourcing the freshest ingredients whenever possible and preparing them from scratch daily. All of our dishes are hand prepared and cooked with Passion and Love. We believe in being part of the community and supporting locals.  Plus, you get fresher ingredients. You will also find random fares that will pop up at the store.  We like to wokk up new ideas and share it with our friends aka (You the Guest!)

 WOKK’s Efforts to make a better PLANET

At Wokk reducing waste in our restaurants is an important part of how we minimize the environmental impact of our operations. This means we choose to use actual plates and 100% recyclable cups and paper goods. This will reduce the waste we produce. Beyond simply recycling our cardboard and watching our operations, we also try to keep other materials out of the landfill as well—such as kitchen equipment and furniture. At WOKK we make sure that used items find great homes within the communities when it’s time for us to upgrade them. We make an effort to donate them to Non-Profit organizations.